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Scott Smith: Leadership requires us to be bold

In the world of politics, full of polls and focus groups, “safe seats” and stacked districts, few people ever see fit to take a chance. That’s the opposite of business, where every day entrepreneurs put everything on the line in pursuit of success and happiness.

Despite lots of clucking, chicken bill doesn’t come home to roost 

Republican Sen. David Farnsworth’s bill to allow a chicken in every backyard captured the imagination of Arizonans and was one of the most talked-about bills of the legislative session.

Judge orders Maricopa County to pay attorney fees

A judge is ordering Maricopa County to pay $190,000 for attorney fees incurred by a Sun City medical dispensary operator which successfully challenged the county’s refusal to provide zoning clearance for the facility.

Scholarship advocate: ESA parents know best

A spokeswoman for the Alliance for School Choice told our reporter today that parents who do not spend funds they receive from the Empowerment Scholarship Account program should be trusted.

Department of Education says ESA spreadsheet contained errors 

An Arizona Department of Education spreadsheet showing millions in unspent funds in empowerment scholarship accounts contained a substantial number of errors, a department spokeswoman said Wednesday.

Senate votes to expand voucher-like program for private school tuition

Up to 120,000 more youngsters living in low-income neighborhoods could soon qualify for taxpayer funded tuition to private and parochial schools.

Lawmakers approve bill allowing ranchers to shoot endangered wolves

State lawmakers voted Wednesday to let ranchers shoot the Mexican gray wolves being reintroduced to the Southwest despite their listing under federal law as endangered.

School voucher expansion set for legislative votes

The Arizona Legislature is poised to vote on a major expansion of a school voucher program giving parents state money to pay their children’s private school tuition.

On life support

Consultants and other observers said the ultimate question remains to be whether Brnovich can effectively compete, and how bruising the GOP primary proves to be for Horne.

Senate rejects revival of Grand Canyon U tax break

The Arizona Senate on Tuesday narrowly rejected an effort to revive a proposal granting a private Christian university a major break on its property taxes.