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Veto stamp: Brewer comes to endangered wolves’ rescue 

Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a pair of bills allowing ranchers and state officials to kill endangered Mexican gray wolves if the wolf is caught in the act of killing livestock or threatening humans.

Brewer vetoes Medicaid limit bill, citing its potential damage to Arizona 

Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a bill that would have sought federal permission to limit people to no more than five years in Arizona’s Medicaid program, saying “this waiver would have brought our healthcare sector to a breaking point.”

Comparing Andy Biggs to Harry Reid: Sarah Palin blasts Arizona Senate president’s stand on constitutional convention

Arizona’s Senate president is under fire from an unlikely source within his own political party: Sarah Palin

Brewer vetoes bill to allow concealed weapons in public buildings 

Arizonans will not be allowed bring their guns into public buildings, at least not this year.

Dealing blow to Brewer, appeals court says Medicaid expansion lawsuit can move forward 

The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled today that a group of Republican lawmakers has standing to challenge the hospital assessment that funds Gov. Jan Brewer’s Medicaid expansion program.

State Supreme Court rules in favor of drivers who have used marijuana

Arizonans who smoke marijuana can’t be charged with driving while impaired absent actual evidence they are affected by the drug, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled this morning.

Legislature close to cracking down on teenage texting 

After years of trying and failing to outlaw texting while driving, Arizona lawmakers are on the cusp of approving a bill to that would target the practice for underage teen drivers.

State’s tribal casino revenues grew faster than national rate in 2012

Indian gaming revenue in Arizona grew by 3 percent in 2012, even though no new facilities came online and the number of games in the state actually declined that year.

Federal study finds mercury in trout caught in three Grand Canyon creeks

With their natural beauty and protected environments, the Grand Canyon and other national parks in the West would seem removed from having mercury in their streams and rivers.

Advocates push for junk-food tax on Navajo Nation

Facing a high prevalence of diabetes, many American Indian tribes are returning to their roots with community and home gardens, cooking classes that incorporate traditional foods, and running programs to encourage healthy lifestyles.

The latest effort on the Navajo Nation, the country’s largest reservation, is to use the tax system to push people to ditch junk food.