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State asks judge to throw out inmates’ lawsuit, saying it “borders on the ridiculous.”

The state is asking federal judge to throw out a lawsuit filed on behalf of more than 34,000 inmates, saying there’s no evidence each and every prisoner is at risk.

State Supreme Court to look into potential changes in State Bar 

A state Supreme Court task force is going to look at whether there should be changes in the way the State Bar of Arizona is governed.

Arizona tourism improves slightly, visitors spent nearly $20 billion last year

Tourism in Arizona is now back to where it was before the recession — and SB1070 — hit.

But it’s nowhere near where it should be, according to the state’s top tourism official.

Figures from a study done for the Arizona Office of Tourism show that 39.1 million people visited the state and spent at least one night here in 2013.

US Senate reprieve for highly-contested border bill

A bill to deal with the immigration surge on the U.S.-Mexico border won a temporary reprieve in the Senate Wednesday as lawmakers maneuvered to offer some response to the crisis before adjourning for the summer.

Life is just not fair

A trade association representing rooftop solar firms today (July 29) accused APS of seeking to establish a lopsided competitive advantage in order to expand its monopoly by penetrating the rooftop solar market.

Arizona Governor’s Bicycle Task Force

Noted here for historical curiosity:

EXECUTIVE ORDER No. 86-4 established the Arizona Governor’s Bicycle Task Force  in 1986 by governor Bruce Babbitt.

It was later repealed by executive order in 1996 by Governor Fife Simington. The stated reason for the repeal was ” in recognition of that fact, the Alternative Transportation Task Force created on June II, 1996 has been authorized to study and implement alternative
transportation systems”. EO 96-11

Here is an image of AGBTF executive orders 86-4 and 96-11 : ArizonaGovernorsBicycleTaskForce (in case the azmemory pages disappear).

You can read that : Establishment of Alternative Transportation System Task Force Executive order No. 96-7. I can’t tell what that task force may or may not be doing currently (or ever?).

OCRed text of AGBTF orders

EO 86-4 WHEREAS, since territorial days, Arizonans of all ages have used bicycles for personal transportation, recreation, fitness, and health; and
WHEREAS, Arizonans of all ages have discovered the great variety of uses of bicycles for commuting, shopping, touring, tmprovinq physical fitness, camping, and enjoying the out-of..doors;and
WHEREAS, an ever-growing number of Arizonans bicycle for transportation and recreation; and
WHEREAS, bicycling is expected to play an increasingly Important role in air quality, transportation, and energy conservation; and
WHEREAS, bicycles are an important part of. the solution to Arizona’s pressing air quality concerns; and
WHEREAS, children constitute more than half of all Arizona bicyclists, and yet suffer a disproportional
Involvement in accidents;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Bruce Babbitt, Governor of the State of Arizona, do hereby create the Governor’s
Arizona Bicycie Task Force and delineate herein Its structure and duties.
, 1. The Task Force shall be composed of no more than twenty-five members. The members shall
select a Chairman and a Vice Chairman. The term of office of members shall be two years
(members may be reappointed or redesiqnated, as appropriate). The members of the Task Force
shall be selected (IS follows:
A. The Governor shall appoint at least four representatives from btcycle organizations and
associations and at least four private citizens active asbicyclists and interested in further-ing the objectives of the Task Force. Such appointed representatives shall serve at their
own expense.
B. The directors of the following State Aqencies shall designate a representative of that
agency on the Task Force: Department of Transportation, Department of Public Safety,
State Parks Department, Office of Tourism, Department of Health Services, Governor’s
Office of Highway Safety, Department of Education, Governor’s Council on Phystcal
Fitness, Department ofCommerce, and Governor’s Commisston on Environment.
2. The Task Force shall meet on an as-needed basis, but no less than four times a year.
3. The functions, purposes, and objectives shall be to:
A. A ssist and advise the Governor in all matters relating to bicycling.
Ife}..•.., B. Serve as an information POint In facilitating deveiopment of educational programs and
btcyclinq facilities.
C. Develop, disseminate, and monitor educational programs for bicycling safety.
D. Develop and maintain information regarding bICycling.
E. Establish short- and long-term plans and goals for meeting btcyctinq needs.
F A dvtse department, aqenctes, and institutes of the state on allmatters regarding bicycling.
G. A ctlvely facilitate the coordination of federal. state, and local potictes regarding bicycle
facilities and educational programs.
H. A dvtse state and iocal governmental aqenctes on integrating btcyclinq interests in an
overall transportation program to Improve atr quality.
t. A dvise state and local governmental agencies on health and fitness benefits of btcycllnq.
K. Prepare and submit a report each January to the Governor on the activities undertaken
by the Task Force during the preceding year.
o ,J. Review and render advice regarding state highway planning with respect to enhanctnq
bicycltni; facilities and safety.
4. The Task Force shall be supported by a Bicycle/Trolls Coordinator within the Arizona State
Parks Board and shall be supported by such additional staff and clerical support as necessary to
effectuate the purposes hereof.
5. The Task Force shall coordinate the funding and utilization of the Bicycle Safety Fund as
authorized by law with the Arizona Department of Transportation.
6. Annually, the Task Force shall prepare a budget for submission to the Transportation Planning
Divtsion of the Arizona Department of Transportation for federal HPR funds to conduct the
programs and activities contemplated hereby. Such funds shall be deposited In the Bicycle
Safety Fund.
7. The Arizona Department of Transportation and the Arizona State Parks Board shall enter into a
written Memorandum of UnderstandIng to assure Joint support In e-ffectuating the purposes
8. This order shall become effective immediately.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set
my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal
of the State of Arizona r:
DONE at the Capitol in Phoenix on this thirtieth
day of April In the Year of Our Lord One
Thousand Nine Hundred and Eiqnty-s»: and of
the Independence of the United States of
America the Two Hundred and Tenth.
Secretary ofSta
EO 96-11
r Arizona Administrative Register’
Governor’s Executive OrderslProcIamations
Force” was established by Executive Order 86-4; and
WHEREAS, the use of bicycles is an important method of
alternative transportation; and
WHEREAS, in recognition of that fact, the Alternative
Transportation Task Force created on June II, 1996 has
been authorized to study and implement alternative
transportation systems;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Fife Symington, Governor of the
State of Arizona, by virtue ofthe authority vested in me by
the Constitution and laws of this state hereby rescind
Executive Order 86-4, thereby repealing the “Governor’s
Arizona Bicycle Task Force”
have hereunto set my hand and
caused to be affixed the Great Seal
of the State of Arizona
Fife Symington
DONE at the Capitol in Phoenix
this Twenty-second day of July in
the Year of Our Lord One
Thousand Nine Hundred and
Ninety-six and of the
Independence of the United States
of America the Two Hundred and
Jane Dee Hull
Secretary of State
WHEREAS, the “Governor’s Arizona Bicycle Task
November 7, 1997 Page 3137 Volume 3, Issue#45

Supreme Court speeds up review of MCCCD case 

The Arizona Supreme Court agreed today to fast-track an appeal to a ruling that struck down a 2010 law adding two at-large seats to the Maricopa County Community College District governing board.

Supreme Court explains why Farmer will remain on ballot against Shooter 

The Arizona Supreme Court sided with a lower court’s ruling that there was “no evidence” Senate candidate Toby Farmer knew that seven signatures on his petitions to run for office were forged, allowing the GOP hopeful to run against incumbent Sen. Don Shooter.

McCain, Flake introduce bill to block new casino

Arizona’s two U.S. senators are proposing legislation to block construction of a Phoenix-area casino planned by a southern Arizona tribe.

McCain now says Arizona execution ‘not humane’

Sen. John McCain is no longer using the word “torture” to describe an Arizona execution in which the condemned man gasped and snorted for more than 90 minutes.